How to make money online for freeOver the past couple of years, I have been doing mostly part-time IM (Internet Marketing) as it is or was knowing and have built up a good few websites and business that help me pay the bills. In-between doing this I am a chef, PT trainer and writer, so a busy man. I say this because, like me back then, there are thousands upon thousands of people looking to create an online business, whether it is selling their own products, or Affiliate Marketing, people want to know how to make money online.

Simple Way To Find Out If Wealthy Affiliate Is Worth The Money

make money onlineThis post will be short and sweet. Over the last few years, the popularity of Wealthy Affiliate, the online Affiliate Marketing,  business building training website, has gone through the roof. Been a member I have seen some drastic, quite amazing changes with the members site, through structure, the training and the people coming and going.

make money at halloweenWell, it has been a while since my last post, very busy summer, and now I’m back to concentrate on my sites and most importantly, my Halloween affiliate sites. If you know me from here or from Wealthy Affiliate, you know I solely concentrate on the Halloween market simply because I love and enjoy it, plus I make decent extra cash easily.

If you are an affiliate, or are starting out, Halloween, with a little work, is easy to make money with as the market is absolutely huge and there is so much to promote. I have been concentrating on Halloween the last 3 years and each year make better money. But I have also had some help from Brian Johnson’s Super Halloween Affiliate Programme which is amazing and I highly recommend.

internet marketingI’m going to make this a quick and straight to the point post. A lot of you have sent me personal stories and information about things that have happened to you through email after my last post that was about Internet Marketer Scammers.

I was quite shocked by the amount of people who have replied to dodgy emails, open emails with viruses, lost a lot of money through scams and believed some of the far fetched stories you can get through email which I will briefly elaborate on more and please do share this post.

Run Now, Run Away!!

The Internet Marketing ScamSo the article written over on the Verge Blog has caused quite a stir in the Internet Marketing world causing debate, fear and chaos while exposing some of the top Internet Marketers as scammers and tainting a whole industry as one big web of people ripping of the vulnerable, peeing of a whole lot of IM’ers, not bad for one article.

Upon reading the article (which will at least take you 20 minutes) I have to say I loved it, agreed with some of the points that there are people out there creating false products and making millions from the unsuspecting public and this needed to be addressed.

Setting Up Your First Website

how to set up a website for freeI’d like to address something quickly and briefly today, something I receive a lot of emails about and lately especially from people locally in Ireland, and that is how much does it cost, how easy to build and should I own my own website?

Here is the best news, setting up a website should cost you little to nothing these days, can be done for free, or can cost you around a 100 euros/dollars a year, and that’s all it should cost.

Jump Right In And Take Advantage Now!

Wealthy Affiliate For Free Today is May First, May day, an important day in many aspects globally, but also a very important day in the educational Internet and Affiliate Marketing world, the no1 teaching site Wealthy Affiliate is free for 10 days, the whole system, the whole training, every tool, EVERYTHING, as I explained here in my last post, this is a massive opportunity.

Who Wants Free Education!!

Learn Internet Marketing For Free with wealthy affiliateEverybody loves something for free, but education that can help and teach you how to earn an income and build an online business for yourself no matter what experience you have, well, this is a massive opportunity that you must take advantage off that I can promise, if you are any way interested in Internet and Affiliate Marketing, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Open Education Project with wealthy affiliateThe Open Education Project (OEP) is going to be huge, and it all comes from the best internet/affiliate marketing training and educational masters Wealthy Affiliate who have now made it easier than ever for members to make a living online.

What is OEP?

5 Simple Tips To Setting Up Your First Website

Setting Up Your First Website

Setting Up a WebsiteNearly everybody has some sort of website or blog these days and the simple reason is it is so easy to set up. A lot of people are using blogger or wordpress blog to do this, but, if you want your own site you need to move away from these blogs so you can be the sole owner of your own site.

Places like blogger and wordpress blog, though they are fine, you really never own your site. If they where to close down you could lose all your good hard work you have done. Now, there are some very simple steps you can do to own your own site, design your own site with wordpress, and here I will give you 5 simple steps.

Learn WordPress Videos And Tutorials Online

Where To Learn How To Use WordPress?

Learn WordPress Videos Do you need to learn how to use use word-press and why? These days, nearly everybody owns a website, and the reason is, it is now so simple to create a website since the brilliant creation of Word-press, just as this site is set up.

People are using these word-press sites to make some money, some extra cash through affiliate sites, or for personal sites from blogs to photo sites and so on, you can basically set up a site for anything you like, but it is not too simple if you do not know what you are doing, what to do, and how to go about doing it.

Make money onlineWith so many people making some extra cash online these days, how do they do it and where can a normal person with no experience, learn how to make some money online? Today I am going to quickly show you a few places online, free and paid, where you can learn how to make some extra cash or even kick start of a new career in Internet and Affiliate Marketing and the best thing about this, any one can do it (and also, do not forget to grab my Free Marketing Guide here or on the right)

Learn Affiliate and Internet Marketing Online 2012In 2012 it has been suggested by the “Those in the Know” people who ever they may be, that more and more people will turn to the Internet to try to make money online in 2012 due to the state of most economies. Now, from my readers here at this blog and what they have achieved this year this is probably true as countless amounts of people turned to the Internet this year to learn Affiliate and Internet marketing and a lot found that help through The Wealthy Affiliate University through this site which is great as that makes me happy to know they are getting the best training.

Learn How To Be an Internet Marketer

Learn How To Be An Affiliate Marketer With Wealthy Affiliate UniversitySince I have put out the news of the Wealthy Affiliates crazy Black Friday special my blogs traffic as well as Private Messages has going through the roof with questions by people who are very interested in learning how to make some money online and who do not know where start and wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining.

Black Friday Free Affiliate Course It’s all happening  this week already, the Black Friday online madness has already begun and it is not even Friday yet. Thanksgiving is a whisper away, and today I want to reach out to people who are looking to make money online and give a gift of an excellent free Internet and Affiliate Marketing Course from myself and the the creators of Wealthy Affiliate University (Kyle and Carson) and also with the news if you do sign up for the privilege of the free course we have a special Black Friday offer.

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