How to make money online for freeOver the past couple of years, I have been doing mostly part-time IM (Internet Marketing) as it is or was knowing and have built up a good few websites and business that help me pay the bills. In-between doing this I am a chef, PT trainer and writer, so a busy man. I say this because, like me back then, there are thousands upon thousands of people looking to create an online business, whether it is selling their own products, or Affiliate Marketing, people want to know how to make money online.

For me, I did my training with Wealthy Affiliates online training courses, but when I joined back in 2009, I had to pay a monthly membership, which was fine for the excellent training I was getting and today I am still a member. Over the years, WA has grown to be the number one Online Business training course on the planet with thousands of members, and in September 2012, they officially opened the doors to everybody for free.

Yep, Wealthy Affiliate and all their outstanding training is now free, all you do is join up through your Facebook account and you can use everything, and start to learn how to build and scale an online business, to make money online, build websites and more, and like me, to have that extra bit of cash flowing in whether you want to take this on full or part-time.

It is an amazing opportunity.  At the moment, Wealthy Affiliate is like Facebook, with interactions amongst members, blog posts, commenting and so on, except, you are learning how to build a business, to make cash online, and making alot of new and interesting friends, like me ha!

  • There are over 500 training modules on nearly every topic related to Online business?
  • You can build a website and have it up and running in literally just seconds?
  • Build relationships, network, and get instant support for everything related to running an online business?
  • Learn to build an online business without any up front costs?
  • High Speed web hosting
  • Video Module Training, Keyword research, a personal bog,

how to make money online for freeThere is a ton more I am missing out on here I am sure, but as I said, massive opportunity for people wanting to learn how to create an income online, and as a long time member, I cannot stress how amazing this is, and it is now free, no excuses. Best thing to do is check it out here, sign up, have a snoop around, take advantage and see if this is the place for you, which I am confidant it will be, and if not, you just forget about it.

But for the serious minded, you will love it. A vast, and growing everyday, community of regular lads and ladies like myself, marketers, business owners, beginners and advanced (some of the top business marketers are members) all learning from each other, as I said, a more advanced type of Facebook where instead you learn how to make money online, pretty amazing.

Take the opportunity and check out the homepage here, sign in with your facebook account and hopefully even hunt me down, it’s actually very easy as I’ll will probably be greeting you as you enter, and most of all, enjoy, learn all you can, and good luck with your future online business.


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Simple Way To Find Out If Wealthy Affiliate Is Worth The Money

make money onlineThis post will be short and sweet. Over the last few years, the popularity of Wealthy Affiliate, the online Affiliate Marketing,  business building training website, has gone through the roof. Been a member I have seen some drastic, quite amazing changes with the members site, through structure, the training and the people coming and going.

It is a well known fact that it is thee best place online if you want to learn how to make money online the right, safe and professional way, whether you are a complete beginner or a pro. But, over the years one of the main problems I seen with people pondering on before they joined up was, is it worth the money, is it a scam?

And they were 100% percent right to think this considering the amount of scammers and crap out there. I felt and thought the same before I became a member 2 and a half years ago, but, I did not have the option you do now to join back then (booo)

Basically, for everyone that stumbles on to the site, or that does there research in to online marketing training courses, you are bound to land on to Wealthy Affiliates main page, and now, for all, it is free to join for ever, all the time, to see what it is like inside and whether the training and community is for you.

This is a fantastic opportunity

make money onlineI am writing this post for the people who may have landed on WA’s page, or know about and have heard of WA (if not, I have a post all about it here) and were dubious, or did not want to spend money thinking it may not be for them or worse, a scam.

Now, you can just join in, enter in to this community, use all the tools, all the training, the videos, tutorials, meet the vast community of people making money online now, young/old, novice/professional, all walks of life and you can take advantage of everything for free, no money spent, no credit cards, nothing, zip, join through your facebook, if you do not like it or think it is not for you then you just forget about it.

This is brilliant and I have to say kudos to Kyle and Carson for giving people the opportunity to see what it is like inside before spending any money and I urge anyone reading this especially my readers who are still skeptical of online marketing to take advantage of the free membership, go in, enjoy, meet people, contact me etc. but do it today.

For the serious minded people out there who are researching online for the training course and the next step in their online marketing career, this is the huge opportunity you have been waiting for and be sure to take full advantage of everything. Good luck and hope you listen to some sound advice. The banner on the right hand side of this site, the ‘free access to everything’ will take you there instantly or you can just hang around and hopefully find some more interesting reading, have a great day.

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make money at halloweenWell, it has been a while since my last post, very busy summer, and now I’m back to concentrate on my sites and most importantly, my Halloween affiliate sites. If you know me from here or from Wealthy Affiliate, you know I solely concentrate on the Halloween market simply because I love and enjoy it, plus I make decent extra cash easily.

If you are an affiliate, or are starting out, Halloween, with a little work, is easy to make money with as the market is absolutely huge and there is so much to promote. I have been concentrating on Halloween the last 3 years and each year make better money. But I have also had some help from Brian Johnson’s Super Halloween Affiliate Programme which is amazing and I highly recommend.

make money at halloweenSo, back to Pinterest, the new and growing like crazy social media site that I’m sure we have all heard of by now. I remember when I was doing Brian’s course, and he talked about optimizing your images for google images to drive traffic to your site. Now this works brilliant, especially with Halloween costumes and I have had great success with google images.

But now, lately, after some advice from Brian, I have started to use Pinterest. I have set up an account for my new Halloween authority site and made a lot of boards, different boards such as mens costumes, kids costumes, ladies, Halloween recipes, Halloween movies and so on and they all link back to my main site.

Since doing this, and it is only August, the traffic has been crazy, the sharing of photos and comments is already gearing my new site up for a good season. I have been posting my results on the Wealthy Affiliate forum for the members there for some inspiration.

So, if you are involved in the Halloween market, or anything to do with physical products, be sure to start using Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your sites. Pinterest is a awash with people looking to view images and if they are looking for specific products you can guarantee they can be found on Pinterest.

You really can not beat free traffic, especially free traffic where you do not need to write content, look after facebook pages or post videos, all you do is a little optimization with good photos and the traffic will come. With Halloween costumes I expect this to be huge and my main traffic this season, will wait and see and sometime in November I will post about the results.

make money online at halloweenIf you are interested in taking advantage of the Halloween market or want to learn how you can make money as an affiliate as I stated above, I highly recommend you take a look here at Brian’s Halloween Super Affiliate programme, I joined last year and it brilliantly taught me a lot and improved me as a better marketer and helped me create a great income over the Halloween period, I expect even bigger things from the course this year.

I will be touching on this subject again pretty soon and hopefully I can help people jump on the Halloween season train and help people make their first dollar/euro online.

Do any of you use Pinterest for traffic and if so how do you use it and what success have you had?

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internet marketingI’m going to make this a quick and straight to the point post. A lot of you have sent me personal stories and information about things that have happened to you through email after my last post that was about Internet Marketer Scammers.

I was quite shocked by the amount of people who have replied to dodgy emails, open emails with viruses, lost a lot of money through scams and believed some of the far fetched stories you can get through email which I will briefly elaborate on more and please do share this post.

After my last post, I began a discussion in the Wealthy Affiliate forum about this matter and some of the stories by the ordinary folk, tricked and scammed where horrendous, urging me on to do this post.

Never Ever Open A Dodgy Email

Yes, that sounds simple and just plane common sense, but, I am writing this post for people who actually may not be aware of some of the quite brilliant scams in email there are out there and here I will give a few examples of the scams I constantly receive to be vigilant of..

1.  Paypal. If you use Paypal you are bound to at some get some sort of email stating things like ‘Your Paypal account needs urgent attention’ or ‘Your Paypal has reached it’s limitations’ please click through to fix this problem.

2.  Credit Cards. Again, you get emails, ‘your credit card balance has reached it’s limit’ or ‘There is a problem with your card’ or ‘Please contact us about a problem with your card’ and much more.

3.  Companies you use. I use the companies 1 and 1 for domains, and Hostgator. I receive emails by both  stating ‘There is a problem with your last payment’ or ‘there is a problem with your account’ and then ask please click through and sign in to address this problem.

4. Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail. ‘Please contact us as there is a problem with your account’ and so on.

5.  My favourites. Now, I am quite sure many of you receive these emails as I know a lot of my friends do, mails like ‘Hi, this is Doctor Muamba, my family died in a plane crash, I have 5 million I need to get out of my home here in Africa/Asia and I need your help’.

Now there are many different mails like this, someone dying of cancer, someone needing help as they are starving and so on and to me they are hilarious and you would think, nobody will fall for this, but, shock horror, a lot do and that is the reason why these mails are constantly sent to hundreds of thousands of mail boxes because all it takes is one, just one, and these are mostly vulnerable people who fall for this.

What Not To Do

internet marketingThis is very simple. Whatever mail you get and especially all the above and all mails similar to above, when you have any suspicions, DO NOT CLICK THROUGH on any circumstances. If you actually believe there may be a problem with an account and as I have learned in the past, you simply open up a new browser and contact the company through it, asking them to clarify the email and also to report the type of mail your received which is very important so they can be wary and report the scam to their costumers.

The whole idea of these scams is to get you to click through and give your email details which will be recorded and accounts broken into to.

So it is very simple, any mail asking to click through, to sign in and solve a problem, ignore the email and contact the company. That is it, quite impossible then for your account/bank/email details to be leaked, and if you get any mail by any person with a sob story, please, just laugh and delete.

Please share this post. You would be blown away by the amount of people been scammed every day because of a simple unbeknownst mistake, also, if you have ever fallen for a scam or have any others to be wary of, please leave a comment below, let us all know, spread the word, protect each other.

Run Now, Run Away!!

The Internet Marketing ScamSo the article written over on the Verge Blog has caused quite a stir in the Internet Marketing world causing debate, fear and chaos while exposing some of the top Internet Marketers as scammers and tainting a whole industry as one big web of people ripping of the vulnerable, peeing of a whole lot of IM’ers, not bad for one article.

Upon reading the article (which will at least take you 20 minutes) I have to say I loved it, agreed with some of the points that there are people out there creating false products and making millions from the unsuspecting public and this needed to be addressed.

As I read down the article which I will leave a link for below, I came across some of the videos and sales pitches these so called top Internet Marketing Gurus have created and wow, they blew me away how crude and false they sound and look. And I asked myself, do people really fall for this crap? and unfortunately the answer is yes.

A discussion on a blog post posted in Wealthy Affiliate yesterday brought some excellent discussion on where the term Internet Marketing is heading and its future, and also while this discussion was going on in the comment area I seen a post from a woman who was informing us that in the past she had be ripped off of 18 thousand dollars, and I nearly had a heart attack, and she wasn’t the only one who had fell in to traps buying useless product after product and it really opened my eyes.

What to Do?

These type of people are giving a whole industry (IM) a bad name and in reality are a small but devastating minority. You really need to be-careful these days on the Internet and use common sense. The old cliche of ‘If its to good to be true’ should always be your motto.

The ‘Make Money Online’ niche is really peeing me off lately and is saturated with bad marketing. Look at it this way as I do, if a new cookbook is been promoted that promises that ‘after one read you will instantly be a chef’ you would probably just laugh, products that say ‘use this software and you will make instant cash’ should get the same reaction, it never works and some of these products sell in the hundreds.

Stick To The Good Guys

You may ask yourself, how do I Know a legit good guy? It’s pretty simple, research. Take a look around the Internet and research, there is no escaping the net. I have subscribed over the years to many of these Gurus emails as I trained to be a Marketer, and I have to say, most of the emails I get are quite persuasive but I have been lucky not to buy products that sound to good to be true, but lucky enough to buy some I researched such as Brian Johnson’s Halloween Super Affiliate and becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are plenty of amazing Internet Marketers out there who are willing to help you, to create products that help you so do not be afraid of these people. Some of the good guys who are been labeled the same as these scumbags are Lisa from ‘2 Create a Website’ one of my favourite people online, Brian Johnson, Joel Comm and Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate, these are the people who have helped me on my way to been successful online.

I actually feel sorry for the genuine professionals who make the time to help people succeed online, to actually build an online business for themselves and hope that this type of rubbish does not deter people from trying to honestly make money online.

Remember, there are bad eggs in every industry, look at the banking industry, Mafia are now ‘legit’ businessmen, Restaurants falsely advertising etc etc and these are always a minority. Becareful with your money and emails you subscribe to. If you are new to Internet Marketing, choose your mentor wisely.

Go over to The Verge Website here to read this article and if you have the time read this response email by Miranda Miller as both are excellent reads. If you have any horror rip of stories do share in the comment box below. Have a good day.

Setting Up Your First Website

how to set up a website for freeI’d like to address something quickly and briefly today, something I receive a lot of emails about and lately especially from people locally in Ireland, and that is how much does it cost, how easy to build and should I own my own website?

Here is the best news, setting up a website should cost you little to nothing these days, can be done for free, or can cost you around a 100 euros/dollars a year, and that’s all it should cost.

Everyone wants there own website these days. From chefs, plumbers, electricians, painters, builders, bakers, lawyers, clothes shops, home businesses, mothers, fathers, kids, basically, any trade or for personal use, the days of spending thousands are gone and with some hard work, you can have your own site created with in a couple of days. Of-course, if you have a big business and want to invest in a very professional site and have the money, then this would be the way to go.


For Free: So you want a website for personal use or to start up a business but have absolutely no cash nor know how you go about setting up or designing, then I recommend using one of the following. Blogger, WordPress blog, Hubpages, Tumblr, Weebly.

These sites are already set up so all you have to do is pick the name of your site (personal/business) add some content, pictures, about you etc. and you are done, your own page/site to direct people too. The only problem here is you do not own the site, as blogger/wordpress etc. would own it, you are basically just keeping your site here and if these sites were to shut down you could potentially lose your site.

But still, this is a great option starting out and is free, no costs.

Paid: My recommendation. Spend a little, buy your domain name from a domain company such as 1 and 1 or namecheap., this is your brand name, so you own it like,, and so on. This should cost you around 7-8 euros/dollars a year, that’s all. Next, buy your hosting, this is where you will store your website. There are plenty of hosting companies like godaddy, hostmonster. I use Hostgator, an excellent company, highly recommended. This should cost you from 45-90 euros/dollars a year. There are packages to choose from but I recommend the babyplan, perfect for people starting out.

So far, you would have your domain (name) and hosting (storage) now the hard part, building the site, but, it’s actually not that hard at all. Simply, from with-in your hosting company (say Hostgator) you would simply find a button that would allow you to upload WordPress and by the click of a button, you have a site online and ready to be tweaked.

It actually is that simple. The part people find the hardest is how to use wordpress, what themes to pick, what plugins and so on. It takes a bit of getting use to but you will get there. I created a page here called Learn WordPress which you should visit as it gives you two popular wordpress starter guides to choose from and buy that will guide you step-by-step helping you create the perfect site that I highly recommend.

Get a little help!

These guides, especially Lisa’s are quite amazing and are really helping people set up sites very very easily. With step-by-step guidance aswell as video (which to me is always the most helpful) you will feel very comfortable designing and creating your site.

Using WordPress has become the no1 system for people to set up a website since most people like myself are useless at computers let alone trying to learn computer code. By using WordPress, you can simply set up a perfect website and use it personally, for business or to make money from.

In Ireland (and elsewhere), with the state of the economy as it is now, more and more people are looking for ways to get their business noticed and to do this they need a site. As stated whether you are a plumber or solicitor, having your own site, your own online real estate is very important and can help you be successful compared to people without sites.

So, there you go, two quick examples of how to go about taking the time and setting up your own site. As I said, it should cost minimum and you are in control of  everything, design, layout, content, and by simply using wordpress you will not be stressed. Read my 5 tips to setting up a website for some pointers. Also I have a page, How To Set Up a Website which may also be of interest and help, or simply leave a comment below or contact me here for any advice and information I can give that will help you on your way to owing and creating your first website which is always pretty exciting. Goodluck.


Jump Right In And Take Advantage Now!

Wealthy Affiliate For Free Today is May First, May day, an important day in many aspects globally, but also a very important day in the educational Internet and Affiliate Marketing world, the no1 teaching site Wealthy Affiliate is free for 10 days, the whole system, the whole training, every tool, EVERYTHING, as I explained here in my last post, this is a massive opportunity.

I am glad to see many have taking this opportunity and jumped onboard. As a member myself near 3 years now I am excited that anyone who has interest in IM, in learning how to make money online, in building a new business, learning a new career, earning extra pocket money, whether you are young old, a student or retired, broke or looking to make extra money, house wife house husband, chef builder plumber accountant I could go on and on but you get the point, this is for everybody.

This will cost NOTHING. I pay a monthly membership fee for WA, but this is paid for by the teaching and education I received here that helped me create an online income for myself. But for you, there is no sign up fee, no credit card, no pay pal, no giving your email, nothing, you simply sign in to WA with your facebook account and that is it, you have a whole university and community of marketers like you who are learning to be successful online, FREE for 10 days.

After the 10 days is up, if you like it, you join the community and begin your journey of becoming an Internet and Affiliate marketer, if you do not like what you see, or think this is not for you, well, after 10 days, you simply forget about it, and it has cost you NOTHING, amazing opportunity.

Do It!

Go for it, what have you to lose. WA has revamped the whole training system for the better and this is sort of the official launch so it is a massive opportunity to take advantage of a freebie. Think what you could do in 10 days with free website building tools, keyword tools, article marketing training, WAbinars which are video training which I highly recommend, every resource and training module, and my favourite, access to me and thousands of others training or experienced marketers who will be willing to make your IM journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Trust me, nobody is going to try sell you anything or any of that crap, it is not that type of place. I have made some amazing friends here, plus this community is knowing for helping each other be successful online, which is why I love it and always have high praise for it. Since the new look new model was revealed (called the Open Education Project) it has made it a sort of facebook like community that helps with the training and it is unreal, amazing and I do believe you will love it.

So go ahead, you have nothing to lose, it’s FREE, join us and say hello and get yourself learning all you can for free. Check out the homepage here, sign in with facebook and your done or you can check out the official WA blog for more in-depth information.  If you have any questions, leave a comment below or personally contact me here.

Enjoy WA, and goodluck with the training,



Who Wants Free Education!!

Learn Internet Marketing For Free with wealthy affiliateEverybody loves something for free, but education that can help and teach you how to earn an income and build an online business for yourself no matter what experience you have, well, this is a massive opportunity that you must take advantage off that I can promise, if you are any way interested in Internet and Affiliate Marketing, you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you are a reader to this blog, my newsletter, or taking advantage of the free course to the right, you will know me and know I am a member of the biggest online IM teaching resource on the net Wealthy Affiliate since 2010 and that I always ramble on how great it is and so on, well on May 1st, they are opening the whole teaching system For Free for 10 Days, yes, for free, no sign ups, no credit cards, no Pay Pal, no emails, nothing, on May 1st, you simply go to the home page, log on using your facebook account, and that’s it, for ten whole days you can use Wealthy Affiliate for free.

This is A Massive Opportunity

If you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate (or never then read more here) or are interested in a new career, in making money online, in building an online business, or improving a current business, then this is a great opportunity to learn how to do this, how I do this, how thousands of other members make money online to live on, to be successful online and create regular incomes for themselves.

This is huge. Wealthy Affiliate is doing this to coincided with the launch of the new look of the site as they have totally revamped the whole education process making it much much better to use and learn from (though it took a couple of days for me to get use too) the new look is called The Open Education Project, it’s like facebook but teaching you how to make money, how to build websites, how to use WordPress and tons and tons more and I talked the other day or you can head of to the Wealthy Affiliate blog here to read more about what is on offer.

Learn Internet Marketing and Make Money Online For Free with wealthy affiliateI advise anyone reading this to take this opportunity. Basically, you get the whole system that I pay a monthly fee for, free for 10 whole days. In those 10 days you can take in as much information as you can, meet people (there are thousands of members new and experienced marketers) use all the tools, the website builder, the keyword tools, everything, unbelievable, this gives you the opportunity to see what it is like inside this place and if you like it, if you want to be apart of it, if you think you want to be apart of this community then after 10 days you can decide.

I believe you should not hesitate and go for it if Internet Marketing is what you want to learn how to do. This is of-course the No1 IM training system online, and its free for 10 days May First, do it, come find me and say hi and ask me everything and anything. For more information, go here and I explain what the new Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project is all about, go here to The Wealthy Affiliate blog to find out a more in-depth analysis of  what is on offer, or leave a comment below or contact me personally with any questions and hopefully you will take this on, good luck.




The Open Education Project with wealthy affiliateThe Open Education Project (OEP) is going to be huge, and it all comes from the best internet/affiliate marketing training and educational masters Wealthy Affiliate who have now made it easier than ever for members to make a living online.

What is OEP?

As you may or may not know from visiting my site and the way I constantly ramble on about The Wealthy Affiliate and how it has taught me how to make money online you will know I love WA (if you do not know what Wealthy Affiliate is click here and I’ll explain). Now, in the last week, the owners Kyle and Carson have changed the whole site, new look, easier on the eye, cleaner but most importantly, changed the whole training and system that is drastically going to make it easier for you, whether you have experience in IM or none at all, or are a business owner looking to improve your online presence, the OEP is going to be huge and make it very easy for you to learn how to make an income be it full time or part-time.

What Has Changed at WA?

The Open Education Project with wealthy affiliateI’m a very excited about the new look. At first, I was “what the heck?” we all hate change right, but as I discovered the plan and new look, I once again fell back in love with WA.

Basically, they have changed the whole IM training system and made it more of a community training programme, something like Facebook but better in a sense that it is a community of novice and professional marketers who can contribute their own training and help each other be more successful and learn to make good money online.

There is and will be nothing like this online, it is fantastic. Aswell as the ton of training that has been there since they began in 2005 (of-course updated) you will now be able to create your own training, but, the best thing about this is, especially if you are new to IM, you can learn from the best, the most advanced marketers online, that will help you succeed online easily and as a member as you go along with your training, you can easily be in contact with fellow marketers 24 hours a day be it through the new chat system, your WA blog, or in the group of friends, this system will be the Facebook of learning to be an Internet Marketer happy days.

I am very excited about this change. It will encourage you take the correct steps and teach you the correct way to be a success online. If you are interested in Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing then I am sure you have done your research online or in local colleges and have seen the price that some of these courses want to charge and I’m sure your jaw dropped like a rock, yes, outrageous, in to the thousands.

But, if you do your research in to this you will be quite excited simply because there is nothing like the new OEP that Wealthy Affiliate has created. The old training system was quite amazing considering it took a Chef like me and helped me create an online business for myself, I have been a member over 2 years now, have seen some changes and huge improvements but nothing like this and I am excited and envy of new members, you really will be spoiled.

The Open Education Project is drastic. It is powerful. It gives members the most power they have ever had to learn, to teach, to network, to interact, to engage, to share, to succeed making WA the most popular site online helping people create websites, build businesses, improve businesses, build regular incomes and so on, I strongly believe OEP will help you as I was helped in my short online career.

And here is some quite amazing news, as they plan to launch the new look in may, they are also going to offer Wealthy Affiliate for free, yes,  free for 10 days, unreal, and this will be announced soon, you will be able to sign up using your Facebook account, no credit cards, no paypal etc, simply with your Facebook account, you will be giving the whole new system for free for 10 whole days (I’m sure some of my readers are loving this) so watch this space, sign up to my email (you get a free IM guide with it too) and I will be sending out details as soon as they let the members know when this begins, very exciting times.

This will be an opportunity not to be missed especially for people who have heard about Wealthy Affiliate and are a bit dubious, or for people who are interested in learning how to make money online but do not know where to start, or cannot afford the membership fee, well, no excuses now, the system will be free for 10 days May and you can enter inside (find me say hello) and see what all the fuss is about. Any questions, please leave a comment or contact me here, I do not bite :-). Also for more information on the The Open Education Project,  enjoy, sign up to me too above so I can keep you posted. Good-luck.



5 Simple Tips To Setting Up Your First Website

Setting Up Your First Website

Setting Up a WebsiteNearly everybody has some sort of website or blog these days and the simple reason is it is so easy to set up. A lot of people are using blogger or wordpress blog to do this, but, if you want your own site you need to move away from these blogs so you can be the sole owner of your own site.

Places like blogger and wordpress blog, though they are fine, you really never own your site. If they where to close down you could lose all your good hard work you have done. Now, there are some very simple steps you can do to own your own site, design your own site with wordpress, and here I will give you 5 simple steps.

First ask yourself what you want this site for. Lots of people use sites for fun, for personal journals, photos, etc, but recently a huge surge in people wanting to make money online through affiliate marketing (similar to what I do) are looking to learn how to set up a site to make money with, and the great thing is, this is pretty easy to do. Follow the steps below, own and control your own site.

1. Buy A Domain Name

Your domain name is the actual name of your site. What is your site for? Is it personal? My personal site for writing is The Ranting, that is the domain name, it is a personal name, a site for poetry etc. but not to make money with. If you intend to build your first site to make some money with (affiliate links etc.) choose a name that people are actually searching for as the name of the domain you choose is very important to the search engines.

Use companies like 1 and 1 hosting, Go Daddy or Namescheap to buy your domain, this should only cost around $4-7 a year, nothing and you can buy as many Domain names as you like. I use 1 and 1 hosting as I find them very professional and easy to use.

2. Buy Your Hosting

Your hosting is where you will store your domain, and your website. Think of your domain as you buying your house, and your hosting as the land you will build it on. Building your site on your own hosting gives you full responsibility and control over everything which is very important.

I use Hostgator which is an amazing company but the are plenty of others, 1 and 1 have their own hosting, also Blue Host, Web Hosting Pad, Host Upon and Just Hope, all decent companies. Expect to pay around $90 dollars a year for your hosting which is pretty decent. Check out Hostgator for deals, they are usually pretty excellent for different types of plans. I use the Baby plan which allows me unlimited Domain names which is of-course important if you plan to build affiliate sites.

3. Uploading WordPress

So you have your website name (domain name) and you have your place to store it (hosting) now for the easiest part, uploading wordpress. Inside your c-panel of your hosting you will find a section called Fantastico, you simply click on this, find your domain name, click on upload wordpress, fill in a few details, and that should be it, you now have the shell of a website, waiting to be tweaked and made to look pretty.

WordPress is relativity new to some people though it is around a long time. Many do not know how to use it, but trust me, when you get the hang of it, it is way too easy. You just need to decide on a theme (how your site will look) and fix it up. It beats having to learn html codes and is very simple. If you are new to or know nothing about wordpress, go here and learn how to use wordpress.

4. Choose Your Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are little apps you could say, that you add to your site to help with the design or SEO (how your site will look and be found in the search engines.) There are thousands of these plug-ins and some are quite amazing. But just choose a few like social media buttons, comment tabs, site maps, contact forms and privacy policies etc and you will notice your site starting to take a nice shape as you design it yourself.

5. Add Content

Now, the most important part, adding content to your site. This is quite obvious of-course but you would be surprised how many add terrible content or content that is not their own, and this simply will not bring traffic to your site. Have a nice home page, about page, and use the blog setting to add regular quality content to your site.

The more quality content you have, content that will help people in what they are searching for, the more visitors you will attract. Even if your site is for fun, or making money, at the end of the day, if your content is interesting, people will stay, come back, and importantly, share it.


Quickly, it’s as simple as this, buy your domain, buy your hosting, upload wordpress, tweak and design site, add content after content, wham bam, you now own your own site and control all that goes on there. Hopefully these simple steps will help you or inspire you to take the next step and own your own site.

Do you intent to build your own site? Are you afraid as I was with the task on hand? Let me know your views below and hopefully I can help, good luck.

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Learn WordPress Videos And Tutorials Online

Where To Learn How To Use WordPress?

Learn WordPress Videos Do you need to learn how to use use word-press and why? These days, nearly everybody owns a website, and the reason is, it is now so simple to create a website since the brilliant creation of Word-press, just as this site is set up.

People are using these word-press sites to make some money, some extra cash through affiliate sites, or for personal sites from blogs to photo sites and so on, you can basically set up a site for anything you like, but it is not too simple if you do not know what you are doing, what to do, and how to go about doing it.

Most people want to learn word-press by video because it is much simpler to follow and luckily as I said last time in this post here, there are some excellent video tutorials available that are worth investing your time in.

Word-Press Central Station is one such popular video tutorial that is teaching thousands of people to use word-press that I highly recommend you check out. If you have never used a computer before let alone build a website, these videos will take you hand by hand, step-by-step and get a site up and running in no time.

If you have a business and need a site, you can easily set up a website for your business for very cheap instead of paying thousands to get someone to do it for you, simply learn how to use word press through video. Read more about how to use video for Word-Press here and start creating a website easily for yourself. Do not be afraid, I only learned how to use a computer 3 years ago, I still type with one finger (yes, sad I know haha) but, even if you are brilliant at computers but nervous of setting up a site, video is the way forward and will definitely help you achieve your website goal.

Read The best way to learn Word-Press here…

Make money onlineWith so many people making some extra cash online these days, how do they do it and where can a normal person with no experience, learn how to make some money online? Today I am going to quickly show you a few places online, free and paid, where you can learn how to make some extra cash or even kick start of a new career in Internet and Affiliate Marketing and the best thing about this, any one can do it

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people each day making money online. Some do it for a living and make a lot of money, some do it for some extra pocket money, and there are many methods and ways to do this depending on your experience. If you are relativity new to this game, and want to learn how to make some money online, choose from some of these methods here and with the help of a little hard work, you can easily start making some money with-in say, a week.

Free Methods To Learn How To Make Money Online?

Hub Pages.   A place where I began is Hub-Pages. This is a site where you can create pages and write about anything ( I recommend writing about something you are passionate about) and you can add Amazon Products or Google Adsense to your page, and if people click on adds or buy a Amazon Product you will get commission. A great place to start and to get comfortable with writing online.

Marketing Easy Street.    I am quite excited about this site. Marketing Easy Street is a brand new venture by one of my favorite and most trusted Internet Marketers I know, Brian G. Johnson, and it is a free Internet Marketing Training site with tons of excellent information and I can see it been a very busy site.

Wealthy Affiliate Blog.  Though the main site of Wealthy Affiliate is a paid membership site, The Wealthy Affiliate Blog is not and is always well worth checking out as you can easily find some great information that can help you on your way.

Trusted Internet Marketers. These are far from few and there are only a had full of marketers I trust and learn from. But, I will give you 4 people who you can visit for free and learn a lot of great stuff that can help you create an income for your self online and these are Pot Pie Girl, Joel, Andrew Hansen and Lisa at 2Create a Website, visit these site, bookmark them and get to know them.

Paid Methods To Learn How To Make Money Online?

Why would you pay if you can get all this information for free online? I pay a monthly membership to learn what I do and the simple reason is this, and that is because for that membership I get all the training and information in one place for a great price, but as I said, find what works for you.

Wealthy Affiliate University.    This is where I am a member and it is well worth checking out. The Wealthy Affiliate University is the No1 Internet and Affiliate training course online, has thousands of members and growing, teaches you everything to know about how to make your first dollar up to how to grow an online business. For the price, compared to most IM courses it is practically for free and I highly recommend it.

Market Motive.     Another popular training course is Market Motive and they have been around for a long time with plenty of experience and have a lot of training material and resources, but a little expensive, if you have the money, well worth participating.

These are just some of the places you can get yourself started in the business of IM and start making yourself some money online and even start a new career. Take a look at all angles discussed here, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate University not just because I am a member but because it is a brilliant place with everything you need in one place to teach you how to be successful online.

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Learn Affiliate and Internet Marketing Online 2012In 2012 it has been suggested by the “Those in the Know” people who ever they may be, that more and more people will turn to the Internet to try to make money online in 2012 due to the state of most economies. Now, from my readers here at this blog and what they have achieved this year this is probably true as countless amounts of people turned to the Internet this year to learn Affiliate and Internet marketing and a lot found that help through The Wealthy Affiliate University through this site which is great as that makes me happy to know they are getting the best training.

2012 is going to be huge. People maybe like yourself will want to try make money online (which is very possible as great money can be made online) and will want to learn Affiliate and Internet Marketing. Now in doing your research you will probably come across thousands of blogs with information on how to do it, and some are really good blogs such as Joel comm, but there is a lot of crappy blogs out there that give outdated and mis-information so be careful.

Also, in your research, if you plan to do what I recommend, and that is a Marketing Training course, you will probably break your jaw off the floor when you see some of the prices of courses  online which run in to the thousands of dollars and a lot of these courses are not even up-to-date as this industry moves very very fast, so again, do be careful and do your research.

Learning Affiliate/Internet Marketing In 2012

Though I will be creating resources through out the year, I will also recommend an Internet and Affiliate training course and community that myself and thousands of people are part of, actually, the no1 training course that has helped thousands of people create online incomes, Businesses, and be their own bosses including myself and that anybody can afford and this is The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I can not stress or recommend any better courses out there and myself is some proof of success since I never knew how to use a computer near 3 years ago and now I can build sites like this and tons more that help me make a living online (read my Wealthy Affiliate review here).

Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic, a huge Marketing community full of successful marketers and people like me, novices wanting to learn how to make money online the right way that will help you build an online business that will create an income for you over time and will help you learn the correct way to do so and is way to cheap for what it delivers. Read more about WA here on my site.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will get tons of training such as….

• Live Video Training Sessions
• Live Chat Sessions (Hosted by Carson and Kyle)
• 30 day success club, with daily actionable tasks
•  State of the Art Web Hosting
• WordPress Express website installations, install an awesome looking website in seconds
•  Access to Kyle & Carson The owners personally to answer any questions
• Over 500 training videos, manuals and resources
• A database of over 60 hours of Live Video Training
• Personal social profile, personal WA Space, plus a WA blog
• The famous WA forum…with 447,168 posts!
• Ability to create LIVE chats on any topic and join 100′s of active training discussion
• INSTANT support.  If help is required, there will always be someone there!
• Acclaimed keyword research and niche finding tool, in fact FIVE of them
• Article Writing tool, keyword density checker
• Link cloaking and traffic analysis tools
• Campaign and task management tracking
• Network with 1,000′s of other Internet marketers
• Hot Affiliate Program finder, find the trending affiliate programs
• Facebook and Twitter revenue generation system (click a button, earn money…really!)
• WA Jobs, outsource work or get paid to do jobs right within WA.

Yes, this is just a taste of the training available, I know, unbelievable and to some, a lot of this will read like double dutch to others, but it is a lot of training material you will not get anywhere and in the same place and if you are looking to find the best training, you are really ready to learn a new trade and are ready to spend a few hours a week learning some new stuff, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you and I can not highly recommend a better training course. Check out the site here, have a good look around at the amount of training available, do you research and see if this course is for you and can you afford it (you will be very surprised how cheap it is.)

If you are looking for a new career for 2012, or looking to make an extra income, or build or help your business, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you. It will not be easy, this is no “make money get rich quick scheme”, nope, it is a training course with tons of material that will help you be an online marketer and create an income for yourself but you will have to put in some work which I am sure is no problem to all. So, get a new goal for 2012, get a new career, join the thousands making money online every day and also enjoy it, if you have any questions leave a comment or use this contact page. Good Luck.



Learn How To Be an Internet Marketer

Learn How To Be An Affiliate Marketer With Wealthy Affiliate UniversitySince I have put out the news of the Wealthy Affiliates crazy Black Friday special my blogs traffic as well as Private Messages has going through the roof with questions by people who are very interested in learning how to make some money online and who do not know where start and wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining.

As a member I naturally and obviously would promote the place I am am member off but of course, if I am a member of a training course and community that has trained and help me create an online business for myself and I have been a member 2 years now I can’t help but try spread the word to people who were like me, people that want to learn a new trade, create an online business for themselves, make money online, be their own boss, eventually work from at home and that opportunity has come around with Wealthy Affiliate opening the doors with a months trial to every bit of training and material, the whole site for just a dollar.

Grab the Opportunity, Learn To Be an Internet Marketer!

From the 25th Nov to the 28th, which is Black Friday to Cyber Monday, you have the chance to pop over to The Wealthy Affiliate and join in for a full month for $1, with access TO EVERYTHING, this is great news for the eager hungry want to be successful people, but mostly great news for newbies who are clueless about Internet and Affiliate Marketing and want to learn how to do it.


Learn How To Be An Affiliate Marketer WIth Wealthy Affiliate UniversityNormally, and I am sure you have been doing your research if you are reading this, some online Marketing courses run into the thousands of dollars, crazy money. The Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here) has been around since 2005, has become the number 1 Internet Marketing training course, has taught thousands (including myself) how to be successful and make their first dollar online, and all of this training has been at the price of 2 different monthly membership prices, of $47 (I recommend this) the other $97.

This is a giveaway simply for the amount of tutorials, Training material, tools, videos, access to the famous forum, simply an astounding amount for such a little monthly fee, and now, they are giving it all away for $1 dollar for a months trial with access to everything, CRAZY!

My advice is for anyone really interested in trying out a new career, doing this part time the way I started, wanting to learn how people make a living online, is to take the months trial, splash out, spend a dollar. Now, in that month that you are giving, even if you can only do this part time, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of the month, learn all you can, ask tons of questions, interact with people (contact me even) see if you see a future in IM for yourself, do you like it, do you have the desire to move forward and make a living from it, and if you do not, after the month ends, you have just spent a dollar and that is it.

But if you do like it, you can always stay on, or just take in as much as you can, learn as much as you can, finish up the month and move on with hunger and try to teach yourself more and more, a dollar well spent. But I guarantee if you like Wealth Affiliate and all it has to offer you will be mad to stay, mad to succeed, mad to join in with the thousands and thousands of other members who enjoy success such as myself.

I joined over 2 years ago with intention of joining for 2 months, taking in all the information and leaving taking my knowledge with me and going it alone, but that never happened simply because I love it there, it has helped me make a living, it is always updating resources you just can not live with out in this business, and I have made many friends there who all share the same hunger and all want to help and teach each other, you simply will not get a better IM community anywhere.


So Learn To Be Successful Online Now!

As stated above, from the 25th-28th November, Black Friday to Cyber Monday you can join Wealthy Affiliate for a whole month for $1, 3 days the offer will be going, check it out, see if you get a feel for it, if you could be apart of this community, if it has enough IM tools and resources for you, and take the opportunity to use a whole month with the No1 online IM training course. I can not stress anymore, especially to my regular readers, not to miss this chance and part with a dollar, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Learn internet and affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate for one dollar

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Learn Affiliate and Internet Marketing For A Dollar
Black Friday Free Wealthy Affiliate Course And 1 Dollar Membership Special Trial


Black Friday Free Affiliate Course It’s all happening  this week already, the Black Friday online madness has already begun and it is not even Friday yet. Thanksgiving is a whisper away, and today I want to reach out to people who are looking to make money online and give a gift of an excellent free Internet and Affiliate Marketing Course from myself and the the creators of Wealthy Affiliate University (Kyle and Carson) and also with the news if you do sign up for the privilege of the free course we have a special Black Friday offer.

Get Started On Your Online Marketing Career Today With Simple Basics

The course I have here on this site has already been downloaded by many of my readers here who have found success and drive from the course and love it for it’s simplicity and easy step by step guidance, basically teaching you the basic skills you need to make money online. It is a very simple course to follow, no hard technical rambling (trust me, if I could do it, anyone can) it is a lot of fun, easy to follow, and for anyone serious about starting an online career, for a free course, it is an excellent starter course and will hopefully inspire you to go on and make a lot of money in an honest professional way.

And What is the Special?

Free Wealthy Affiliate Course And 1 Dollar Membership Special TrialAnd as for the special this coming Friday, you really are in for a treat especially for people wanting to learn a ton more in this game and especially for complete newbies looking to learn to make money online, the popular membership site I belong to 2 years now (and owe my online career too) The Wealthy Affiliate University, is opening it doors to everyone for 1 dollar for a months membership that normally costs $47. This is all happening between the 25th and the 28th and is an opportunity not to be missed.

Kick Start Your Online Money Making Career!

All it really takes, and I am sorry to say this is, a little hard work to start making money online. The benefits of learning what to do, is a new trade and skill, a chance to be able to make a regular income online for yourself, to be your own boss and work from at home (or some beach or park) to make a bucket load of cash even writing about something you are very passionate about, the list of excellent opportunities is endless.  On Black Friday you will be sent a special invite to get inside with the other thousands of members of the Wealthy Affiliate just for $1.00 which is quite an amazing opportunity.

Be quick though, this runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (November 25th-28th) and then the door are closed maybe for another year or never again so take it and make the most of of the dollar membership. You really can get a lot done, learn a lot of stuff, use and learn how to use all the tutorials, all the training, videos and the members forum in just one month for just a dollar, great stuff. You can also look me up and I can help make you at home and guide you along if needed.

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