How to make money online for freeOver the past couple of years, I have been doing mostly part-time IM (Internet Marketing) as it is or was knowing and have built up a good few websites and business that help me pay the bills. In-between doing this I am a chef, PT trainer and writer, so a busy man. I say this because, like me back then, there are thousands upon thousands of people looking to create an online business, whether it is selling their own products, or Affiliate Marketing, people want to know how to make money online.

For me, I did my training with Wealthy Affiliates online training courses, but when I joined back in 2009, I had to pay a monthly membership, which was fine for the excellent training I was getting and today I am still a member. Over the years, WA has grown to be the number one Online Business training course on the planet with thousands of members, and in September 2012, they officially opened the doors to everybody for free.

Yep, Wealthy Affiliate and all their outstanding training is now free, all you do is join up through your Facebook account and you can use everything, and start to learn how to build and scale an online business, to make money online, build websites and more, and like me, to have that extra bit of cash flowing in whether you want to take this on full or part-time.

It is an amazing opportunity.  At the moment, Wealthy Affiliate is like Facebook, with interactions amongst members, blog posts, commenting and so on, except, you are learning how to build a business, to make cash online, and making alot of new and interesting friends, like me ha!

  • There are over 500 training modules on nearly every topic related to Online business?
  • You can build a website and have it up and running in literally just seconds?
  • Build relationships, network, and get instant support for everything related to running an online business?
  • Learn to build an online business without any up front costs?
  • High Speed web hosting
  • Video Module Training, Keyword research, a personal bog,

how to make money online for freeThere is a ton more I am missing out on here I am sure, but as I said, massive opportunity for people wanting to learn how to create an income online, and as a long time member, I cannot stress how amazing this is, and it is now free, no excuses. Best thing to do is check it out here, sign up, have a snoop around, take advantage and see if this is the place for you, which I am confidant it will be, and if not, you just forget about it.

But for the serious minded, you will love it. A vast, and growing everyday, community of regular lads and ladies like myself, marketers, business owners, beginners and advanced (some of the top business marketers are members) all learning from each other, as I said, a more advanced type of Facebook where instead you learn how to make money online, pretty amazing.

Take the opportunity and check out the homepage here, sign in with your facebook account and hopefully even hunt me down, it’s actually very easy as I’ll will probably be greeting you as you enter, and most of all, enjoy, learn all you can, and good luck with your future online business.


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